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Tourism in Iran is in its peak season, and Iranians are taking part in a series of events to show that their country has been isolated from the travel industry for too long. If you find your destination in an exotic, unknown country called "the desert," where women are forced to wear the hijab, there will be times when you regret going somewhere with your children. Western tourists are Iran's main attraction in Iran, but for the Iranian population, Western families and children are just the cream on the bread.

Note: Iran is one of the few countries in the world where solo and independent travel is relatively easy, as it has no nationality. There is no guarantee that solo travel to Iran is safe, Even if it happens, but just a little more challenging than usual can be quite exciting.

Iran's tourism problems are not linear, and while anything can happen at any time that would affect the entry of a particular nationality, most of the problems are political - and beyond our control. Diplomatic relations and political measures in Iran based on historical and current events at the time of your request may or may not influence whether or not an Iranian travel ban is imposed. Iranian embassies, you will find it very difficult to get visas to Iran, even if there is an Iranian embassy, because the country has strained its relations with the United States and other countries in the Middle East.

This means that you must hurry to get your authorization code for Iran processed quickly when you travel to the embassy. British travel to Iran means you may have to travel through Iranian embassies in the UK to get a visa, even if they are open to you. Iranian travel agencies and locals, who you can specify when planning your trip, but for everyone else you can use 1stquest, which provides essential travel services for your trip to Iran. If you want to apply for a visa, contact one of our experienced travel agencies in Iran, such as the Iranian Embassy in London.

Whether you choose to travel to Iran with a group or a private guide will probably come down to the cost of your travel style. There is no fixed price for a tourist visa to Iran, as this is determined by your nationality and the place where you process your visa. Iranian tour operators, but remember that they are technically responsible for your entire stay in Iran. Once you know that your Iran visa is being processed, please contact 1. quest for more information about the visa process.

There are many taxi routes between Tehran and Karaj, most of them via the Tehran - Karj motorway. If you are on one of these, you should be aware that there are a number of different types of taxis in the area, some with different routes and others not.

The main road that passes through Karaj is the Tehran-Karj highway, the first major asphalt road built in Iran. It connects Tehran with the city of Kermanshah and Karabakh in northern Iran and is connected by the Iran-Iraq-Iran (I-8) and Iran-Saudi Arabia motorways.

If you are considering a G Adventures trip through Iran and want to know what to expect, here are some tips on how to get, prepare and plan your trip to Iran. Iranian Visas: Obtaining an Iranian visa is as easy as a current tourist visa issued by the Iranian Consulate, and you can obtain a visa upon arrival. Most airlines flying to Iran let you through without showing an Iran visa. Special Iran travel guides are not available when travelling to Iran, so you can find other Bradt travel guides you use or find them on the Internet.

There is a chance that you will fly from Tehran to Iran, and if that is the case, there is now a 15-hour bus ride from the capital. If you like the Persepolis tour, don't forget to include it in your list, as just mentioned. The Carpet Museum is also located in Laleh Park and displays many of Iran's oldest and most famous rugs as well as many other artifacts. We recommend you to visit Karaj and continue on the Chaloos road after your journey.

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The Iranian government is investing a lot of resources to keep its borders secure so that Iran's security is not compromised. Although Iran does not have an official embassy in Washington, DC, there is a Department of Iranian Interests in the Pakistani Embassy that handles Iranian visa applications.

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