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Shopping in Tehran has moved away from traditional bazaars and now includes luxury malls and huge shopping malls. Retail, which mainly includes shopping malls and retail chains, plays a major role in Iranian industry, and for all the attention it is receiving these days, it is time it was more widely perceived. The site, built by the Iran Mall Commercial Company (IMCC), will offer buyers over 1,000 shops and ultimately host many leisure facilities. The development of the Iran Mall will include a large number of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other amenities.

While the visit is free, Carvansaray offers a wide range of Iranian dishes, which you can enjoy with traditional live music. One thing you can try here is Qalyan, to enjoy some of Iran's most popular restaurants, such as the famous Baha'i restaurant in the city.

Karaj is connected by railway and highway and is located between Tehran, 40 km east of Qazvin, which is connected by highway and railroad. Karaj is connected to both railways and highways, with a direct connection to the city of Kermanshah, 60 km northwest.

For cars, Karaj is connected by car to the city of Kermanshah, 60 km east of Qazvin, and to Tehran, 40 km west of Tehran, by highway.

There are many taxi routes between Tehran and Karaj, most of which run along the Tehran-Karaj motorway. This is the best place to get a taxi from Tehran to Karjaj, and this is one of the best places in Tehran. If you are looking for more Meydan - e Vali Asr, take a bus to Vanak Square, where tons of similar shops and shopping malls are located.

There are not many retail chains in Iran, and most of the shops are run by locals, who often sell only Iranian-made goods. I don't know how this business model works, but it seems to be the norm in Iran, so I am convinced that this is one of the best shops in Karjaj and a great place to shop in general.

Supermarkets and supermarkets in Iran deliver the lowest prices in all of Iran, which is actually built into the value of Hyperstar. The extremely affordable prices and excellent quality make this hotel a great place for skiing, ski equipment and even ski equipment. Directly at the passage for visitors to Tehran, it is worth a stroll or a ride on Vali Asr Street.

The Jome Bazaar is a real gem, the perfect flea market, and literally everything is there. Stroll through the ornate brick halls and pick up handicrafts, carpets and Iranian knick-knacks in the ornate halls.

In a customer-focused strategy, we take various steps to offer the best prices, quality and customer service in the world by constantly expanding and carrying out countless sales operations in our area and opening new offices throughout Iran.

Especially after the Islamic Revolution, thousands of people migrated to this pleasant small town, which made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. In Iran, this process was fueled by higher oil revenues, which helped finance massive new developments that would transform the Iranian capital into a modern metropolis. Andisheh, south of Tehran City, had a population of over 1.5 million people, the largest in Iran at the time of its founding.

According to the most recent census by the Iranian Statistical Center in 2016-17, Karaj was the main destination for residents moving to Tehran. In the third month of this year, the Central Bank of Iran announced that sales of residential units in the city increased by IRR 1.5 billion. For comparison, the total value of all residential units sold in Tehran City (the country's capital) during the same period was IRR 6.7 billion, or about $3 billion.

Karaj is a multicultural city with migrants from all over Iran, which is why it is also called "Little Iran." The climate in Karaj is slightly cooler than in Tehran, but it rains about 260 mm annually. The pattern of precipitation is similar to that of the Mediterranean climate, which is comparable to that of Tehran.

The Persians were famous for their Silk Road bazaars for thousands of years, where exquisite and rare goods were sold. Whatever you think, Iran welcomes visitors and traders from all over the world, especially from the Middle East.

Hyperstar is one of the most modern hypermarkets in Iran, founded in 2009 and opening its first store on the Bakeri highway. The iconic building was designed by Al-Futtain Group, the owner and operator of Hyperstar, a chain of stores in the Middle East and North Africa. Last year it celebrated its tenth anniversary and now it has been active in Iran since 2009 and has opened its first branch. Hyper Star is Iran's most dynamic chain of stores, owned by the majid (Al-Aqsa) group.

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More About Karaj