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Tripadvisor has 397, making it the best in Alborz province in Iran, with a 4.5 out of 5.0 star rating. This makes it one of the most popular hotels in Karaj, the capital of the province of Karaj in Iran.

The first street in Iran, Sepah Street, in the middle of the cityFor a suggested, multi-location trip to Iran in 2 weeks, please read this 2.5 star review.

There are many taxi routes in Tehran and Karaj, most of them run along the Tehran-Karaj Highway, but there is one of them, the most popular and efficient taxi route in the city of Tehran. There are many taxi routes in and around Tehran / Karjaj, most of them run along the Iran-Iran highway, the main thoroughfare between the two cities.

This is one of the best places to get a taxi from Tehran to Karaj, and it is the most famous place in Tehran and Karjaj where you can get a taxi to Karaj in and around Tehran.

One of the best attractions in Iran is the Karaj Grand Mosque, which is a unique example of Middle Eastern architecture. Before visiting Iran, be sure to check out our great travel guides and tips about the country, because Iran is characterized by its rich history, culture, history and culture, as well as its beautiful landscape.

The Shams Palace is an important architectural example in the world as a whole, and visitors to this historic Iranian house will remember the most important features of typical real estate architecture. Traditionally, the bedrooms and family rooms open directly into the courtyard and the end result is simply great. We mention this property because it has earned Seven Hostel the title of best hostel in Tehran. From the outside it continues to present the worlds with a raw and somewhat brutal facade, but from the inside it is a beautiful home.

After a visit to Iran, one can witness the pleasure of tourism that one gains by visiting one of the most beautiful places in the world - the holy city of Karaj.

If you are thinking about going to Iran and want to know what to expect, here is how to get an Iranian visa, prepare and plan your trip to Iran. Iranian travel companies, but remember that their sponsored visas are technically responsible for you throughout your stay in Iran. Obtaining a visa to Iran is as easy as issuing a tourist visa from the Iranian consulate. You will love it because it is not the last in your life and it is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

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If your specific Iran travel guide is not available when you travel to Iran, you will find other Bradt travel guides that you can use, such as the Iran travel guide, the Iran travel guide and the Iran travel guide. If you are interested in Revolutionary Iran and behave as if it were a normal country with its own culture, history, culture and traditions, then you should take a second look.

If you cannot read Persian, there is an attractive map of Iran that can be used as a base map. Conversely, it is a good guide for all those who travel to the country, especially those with limited knowledge of the language and culture.

Tehran is the second city in Iran after Tehran itself to have one of the highest per capita student numbers in the country. The University of Tehran in Tehran, Iran, is located in this location and is the only one in the entire Iranian metropolis in terms of youth reach.

Tehran, 40 km east of Qazvin, is connected by highways and railways and is the second largest city in the country after Tehran. Tehran, about 40 kilometers east of Qzvin, is connected by highways and railways, but not roads.

By default, hotels in Karaj are sorted by class and the most luxurious hotels in Karj are listed first. Those who have tried the three Theses resorts now know that Dizin Resort is undeniably the best resort in Iran, but Shemshak Darbandsar Resort offers a very different experience from the other two resorts in the region.

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More About Karaj