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The Memorandum of Understanding, signed after several rounds of talks, contains a plan for the development of the hotel, the renovation of the existing HOMA to the highest standards and the promotion of the newly renamed H OMA Hotels worldwide. The memorandum of understanding for the HOGtainTehranhoma hotel was signed at the end of the first round of negotiations between the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the International Hotel Association of Iran (IHTA).

AccorHotels is pleased to play a leading role in the development of the HOGtainTehranhoma hotel and the worldwide promotion of H OMA Hotels. Jean-Pierre Bouchard, CEO of Accor Middle East, told the hotelier: "We expect this latest agreement to open up potentially huge growth opportunities for the hotel and tourism industry in Iran.

But the service and amenities on a global scale do not mean that the hotel does not have the key feature that Iranian hotels have, namely unconditional Persian hospitality. IKIA hotels in Iran are full of strange rooms ideal for tired passengers to take a nap without banging their heads against the side walls.

If you are willing to loosen your wallet and stay a few hours, the second of these IKIA hotels is the place to be. As I said, Ibis hotels are more traditional airport hotels compared to the new unconventional hotels that can be fun at many modern airports, which means this kind of new and unconventional hotel. You should definitely book a room there and expect to walk for hours through the hotel, as you will find both the quality and quantity of the furniture.

If you arrive at the airport hotel during the day, you can also stay daily, but there is a complimentary breakfast not included in the short stay. This hotel guarantees a relaxing stay that no one wants to miss, especially when arriving at Tehran International Airport. During this time, guests can enjoy a specially prepared menu and take advantage of free Wi-Fi, free water, and free snacks and drinks.

There is a type of transport that is regularly accessible to both incoming and outgoing travellers. Buses run from the airport to this beautiful hotel or vice versa.

Built on the IKIA site, you can book a hotel room at 1stquest.com with a view of the flying plane it lands on.

The total number of rooms is 296 units on eleven floors, with the e-keys being handed over to guests after completing the reception formalities. The other thing to know is the adjacent fitness center and meeting rooms, and the staff will clean the rooms to complement the contemporary design of each unit. The spacious lobby is large enough to accommodate 80 people at a time, a special feature of this hotel.

This beautiful hotel, formerly known as the Axis Hotel, really helps make your stay at the Ibis unforgettable. The professional and courteous staff at this hotel will do everything in their power to provide you with everything you need, whether you stay at their hotel or not. They are professionally trained and take the responsibility to have a good time with you, no matter what you are going through. There are many guests who may have gone through and even gone to the line to relieve the pressure on the guests and calm them down.

The business rooms are equipped with a fire extinguishing system and Iranian and Western toilets. Guests are provided with desks and chairs in the Ibis hotel rooms, which offer everything they need in terms of comfort, comfort and quality of life.

Bazin said talks are underway to open two hotels under the Novotel Ibis brand in Tehran, and Bazin said talks are also underway to open two hotels in Iran's second-largest city, Tehran. The first step in Accor's plan to manage two properties in Iran was taken at the end of 2015. The operation began with the appointment of Christophe Landais as Head of Development for AccorsHotels Iran. It will take some time, but hopefully we will be ready in the next few weeks, "Landaes told the Hoteliers Middle East exclusive.

The Novotel Hotel will represent the Ibis Hotel in the city of Tehran, according to Landaes and Bazin, as well as in other parts of the country. The French multinational hotel group, which lives up to its reputation as the world's largest hotel chain with more than 1,000 hotels, is the second largest hotel operator in Iran after Accor Hotels and Resorts.

The Imam Khomeini International Airport Hotel, in parallel with other places around the world, is the perfect place to relax your head after stepping off the plane or just to sleep in to enjoy a long and exhausting flight. Sitting in the uncomfortable seats of an airport for hours on end is so unpleasant that many decide to just give it up and fall asleep. The modern hotel with its many facilities will make you feel welcome and sometimes overwhelmed by the facilities and service, but it will not make you drop off and it is not the place to go to the airport hotel.

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More About Karaj